This is an evolving list of resources for those new to or curious about the digital humanities, and the opportunities for practice and support at Florida State University. We look forward to your suggestions for how we may continue to build this list.

Intro to the Digital Humanities

What are the digital humanities? This group asked that surprisingly complicated question during an early meeting in 2010: “What Are(n’t) the Digital Humanities?” Some of texts the group discussed are still linked here, joined by others, and they still provide useful background. Several practitioners at FSU also contributed their thoughts at our later session “Getting Started in DH” in 2012. Several years later, Digital Scholars returned to the question for a vital discussion of “Digital Disciplinarity” in 2015. Some of the following sites act as useful guides and resources for scholarship in the “digital humanities,” even as that term continues to broaden:

Digital Scholarship & Support at FSU

Other Collaboratories & Centers

Meetings & Symposia

A Small Selection of Relevant Blogs