An Introduction to “People in Data, II”

Friday, September 27 (new date), 12:00-1:30 pm
PIH Digital Humanities Lab (Diffenbaugh 421)

An Introduction to “People in Data, II”

During the Fall 2019 semester, our meetings and programming will continue the focus established last Spring: the activities of the Demos Project at FSU. Thus, this semester we will review and explore a second instantiation of “People in Data,” this time considering what constitutes a “data humanities” approach to such action-oriented projects as exposing digital reproductive labor, curating itinerant museums, and examining data surveillance for technical or aesthetic supremacy. Our discussion meetings will be intermittent with open interactive webinars, each focusing on technologies or tools of interest to data humanists. Participants need not have a certain politic(s) of data to take part in either our webinars or our discussions. There is no barrier to entry and there is no intellectual bias. We will consider the utility of these topics for all disciplines, fields, methodologies, and leanings as reflected in the interests of those who turn up. 

For our first meeting of Fall 2019, we’ll convene to discuss a handful of readings that lay groundwork for the semester’s topics. We will also examine relevant projects and tools, considering their construction and possible applications. While the September 27 meeting is primarily for graduate students enrolled in or regularly attending the group, all Digital Scholars participants are welcome to read and join us for conversation on any of the following:

and to browse any of the following projects or tools in advance:

Participants are encouraged to bring laptops or tablets. We hope you can join us.

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