2016-2017 Retrospective

Wednesday, January 24, 12:30-1:45 pm
Williams 415 (4th floor, L off the elevator)

2016-2017 Retrospective: “New” Directions and Contentions in the Digital Humanities

The organizational meeting for Spring 2018 Digital Scholars will be dedicated to a brief retrospective of discussions in 2016 and 2017 surrounding issues of computation, publishing, and pedagogy. Some of these discussions have occurred as critiques of data ethics, while others have served as calls to spatial justice. Many of these discussions invite us to delineate the boundary between mechanisms for and practices of the digital humanities, and all of them have moved incrementally forward in the past two years. The meeting is primarily for enrolled graduate students, but all Digital Scholars participants are welcome to read and join us for conversation on the following:

  • Ball, Cheryl E. “Building a Scholarly Multimedia Publishing Infrastructure.” Journal of Scholarly Publishing 48.2 (Jan 2017). 99-115. DOI: 10.3138/jsp.48.2.99 [access at FSU]
  • Battles, Matthew and Michael Maizels. “Collections and/of Data: Art History and the Art Museum in the DH Mode.” Debates in the Digital Humanities (2016 edition) http://dhdebates.gc.cuny.edu/debates/text/78
  • Hsu, Wendy F. “Lessons on Public Humanities from the Civic Sphere.” Debates in the Digital Humanities (2016 edition) http://dhdebates.gc.cuny.edu/debates/text/75
  • Sayers, Jentery. “Dropping the Digital.” Debates in the Digital Humanities (2016 edition) http://dhdebates.gc.cuny.edu/debates/text/88
  • So, Richard Jean. “All Models Are Wrong.” PMLA 132.3 (May 2017): 668-673. DOI: 10.1632/pmla.2017.132.3.668 [access at FSU]

Enrolled participants are asked to read any 3 of the 5 articles listed above so as to chart a matrix of concerns for grounding our discussions throughout the term. We hope you can join us,



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