Race, Data-Mining, Control

Thursday, October 12, 12:30-1:45 pm
Williams 415

“Data-Mining the Body”: Racialized Bodies, Data-Mining, and Technics of Control

Digital Scholars is pleased to welcome Anaïs Nony, post-doctoral fellow in French and Francophone Studies at Florida State University, for our second discussion of what can occur at the methodological intersections of DH, race, and alterity. Nony will introduce the “nootechnics of the digital” — the psycho-cultural practices of care and empowerment (2017, p. 130) — asking us to consider the ways in which we thoughtfully and thoughtlessly use medical devices as modes of control that extract data from bodies to assess medical conditions and influence transnational flows of migration. Drawing primarily from a chapter in her book and secondarily from ongoing work in nootechnics, Nony will examine various technologies of control in the context of nationalist discourses on security. Participants are invited to read the following in advance of our meeting:

All are welcome. We hope you can join us,



2 thoughts on “Race, Data-Mining, Control

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