In/Visibility and Exclusion in Creating DH Taxonomies

Friday, September 22, 1:30-2:45 pm
Strozier Library TADS Commons  (ground level, past the quiet study area)

Aspects of Visibility: Reckoning with the Taxonomizing Impulse of the Digital Humanities

Digital Scholars is pleased to welcome Sarah Stanley, DH Specialist and Librarian at Florida State University, to help usher in this semester’s discussions of what can occur at the methodological intersections of DH, race, and alterity. Stanley asks us to consider and interrogate various attitudes toward building taxonomies that undergird a majority of DH projects, whether those taxonomies seek to render multiple phenomena in “same-as” relationships rather than critically distant ones (Drucker, 2011), or whether they seek to articulate phenomena as a hierarchical ordering of relationships that function on a measurable scale (Tsing, 2012).

For those who work in and around network, digital, or visual studies, such a call to rethink taxonomies seems not unfamiliar. In her prologue to Graphesis (2014), for example, Johanna Drucker differentiates between a diagrammatic image that “produces the knowledge it draws” and a digitally rendered image of Web traffic that “only displays information” (1, italics original), arguing that our rendered images—like our networks and queries—are situated and thus in need of nuanced distinctions between those visualized representations that construct information vs. those visualizations that merely re-present. For those who work with data—especially with the mining, construction, or interpretation of indigenous or culturally sensitive data sets—such a call to rethink taxonomies is especially salient to avoid recreating ontological dilemmas that flatten or erase difference.

Yet, what practices (or impulses) might we put in their place? Moreover, with what aspects of visibility should we be willing to contend? Finally, at what cost to particular notions of the “digital” or the “humanities” should these contentions occur? To help us work through these questions, participants are invited to read the following in advance of our meeting:

For additional context or related conversations, participants are also invited to browse, skim, or reread any of the following:

All are welcome! We hope you can join us,



2 thoughts on “In/Visibility and Exclusion in Creating DH Taxonomies

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