Issues and Debates at the Intersection(s) of DH, Race, and Alterity

Friday, September 8, 12:00-1:15 pm [cancelled due to FSU closures]
WMS 317 (Williams Building, 3rd floor, L off elevators)

Alex Gil‘s virtual visit to our reading group and collaboratory last April was memorable, not only for his dogged persistence in modeling ways of de-colonizing the digital humanities, but also for his honest admission of the challenges we face when starting and sustaining epistemic collaborations among cultural groups. Our meetings during the Fall 2017 semester will continue, if not heighten, discussions on these challenges and collaborations.

This semester, most of our discussions will occur at various intersection(s) of DH, race, and alterity — some of them approaching the intersection via aesthetics and critique, others looking humanistically at mechanisms or methodologies, and still others interrogating morality and access.

While the September 8 meeting is primarily for graduate students enrolled in or regularly attending the group, all Digital Scholars participants are welcome to read and join us for conversation on the following:

Looking forward to it,



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