Archive as Methodology, Pedagogy, Practice

Wednesday, January 25, 12:30-1:45 pm
Strozier Library 107K [map]

The FSU Card Archive as Methodology, Pedagogy, and Practice

Digital Scholars is pleased to welcome Dr. Michael Neal, who will discuss the conception, evolution, and continued re-evolution of the FSU Card Archive, a dynamic site that collects and exhibits postcards and stereocards from the late 19th to the early 21st centuries, and in some cases a study in the challenges of achieving common cultural snapshots.

The FSU Card Archive is unique in its emergence as a pedagogical tool; at the same time, that pedagogical emphasis brings into deep relief two concerns that often accompany discussions of digital archival projects. First, the collaborative curatorial nature of the Card Archive — its commitment to decentralized control and fluidity — necessarily moves discussions of the archivist’s (in)visibility into an uncharted space. What difference would it make for the collections, curated exhibits, and actual or potential users if the Card Archive were more closely vetted and controlled? Second, the archivist’s subjective participation becomes a productive yet inextricable contention for evaluators of the site, raising questions about the affordances and limitations of Archive 2.0 work on public memory projects. Without assurance that curators are expert or that the archive reflects all facets of Florida history, and knowing the challenges of  imagistic representation, how does such an archive ensure dynamic historical representation when the teachability of its platform requires certain selections and omissions to be made? How does one ensure that the archive becomes a usable past — or, for some underrepresented or disenfranchised subjects, more than merely a usable past? Dr. Neal invites these and other questions at the intersection of archive, material, and human, and welcomes all participants to join a hands-on demonstration of the site and of its workings.

Participants are invited to browse the Card Archive and discuss the following from any disciplinary or technical perspective:

Strozier 107K will afford us ample table space. Laptops and tablets are welcomed and encouraged. We hope you can join us.



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