Altmetrics and Digital Impact

Monday, April 22, 2:00-3:00 pm
Williams Building 454

Altmetrics and Digital Impact

A conversation with Micah Vandegrift, Scholarly Communications Librarian, FSU

How do we measure the quality and impact of our scholarly output? And how might that be changing in our networked environments for scholarly communication? The value of scholarly production gets measured on a shifting field of evaluation, varying by discipline and institution. Traditionally, whereas the humanities rely heavily upon reputation of publishing outlets, the sciences privilege a journal’s “impact factor.” But the social web and the open sharing of scholarship online demand a different yardstick. Enter “altmetrics” (a term first proposed in a tweet): the study of how a work of scholarship has the potential to count, and be counted, in new and emerging ways. Altmetrics takes a different approach than bibliometrics, the traditional information science of measuring citations. Instead, altmetrics proposes that the sum of impact is greater than the sum of citations. How can online impact be assessed? How do altmetrics relate to existing disciplinary systems of scholarly value? Our discussion will survey this emerging domain and experiment with some of the tools for measuring impact online.

Attendees are encouraged to review the following in advance:

And potentially to experiment or play with these tools:

Micah recommends you also sign up for:

Micah Vandegrift is FSU’s first Scholarly Communication Librarian. In that capacity, he oversees the open access repository DigiNole Commons and conducts research and outreach to assist the campus in moving toward a future of digitally-engaged scholarship. Micah is a three-time FSU alum, one of Library Journal’s 2013 Movers and Shakers, and the reigning Mr. Tattooed Tallahassee.


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