Intro to Topic Modeling

Monday, February 18, 2:00-3:00 pm
Williams Building 454

Introduction to Topic Modeling

This session will introduce an emerging method of textual analysis called topic modeling. Topic modeling identifies statistically-related clusters of words within any large corpus of digitized texts. Previously limited to intensive statistical programming and command line functions, topic modeling is becoming more accessible as well as increasingly conspicuous within the digital humanities community. We will consider an introduction to topic modeling, some applications of topic modeling with different archives (including the entire run of a scholarly journal and a historical archive of civil war-era Richmond newspapers), and try out a GUI version of the software package MALLET. Attendees are strongly encouraged to read the following:

Looking for more? Try out this useful sectional guide: Weingart, Scott. “Topic Modeling for Humanists: A Guided Tour.” the scottbot irregular 25 Jul. 2012. Web.


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