Media, Meaning, and Making

Tuesday, November 13, 1:00-2:00 pm
Williams Building 415 (fourth floor)

Media, Meaning, and Making: A conversation with Rob Duarte

Please join us for the next meeting of the Digital Scholars reading group featuring Rob Duarte, Assistant Professor in Digital Media and Fabrication in FSU’s Department of Art. Professor Duarte will discuss several of his recent projects, how he brings their critical lessons into the classroom, and his plans to establish a critical making lab at FSU.

Rob Duarte’s work takes place at the intersection of artistic production, pseudo-scientific research and lighthearted terrorism. Through subversive interventions, dark humor and imposed sensory overload, he attempts to bring to the surface the hidden relationships between technology and culture. His most recent body of work explores the distance between real tactile, sensory experience and the technologically mediated simulation. Other recent projects include several exhibitions centered around a machine that semi-automatically over-inflates balloons to bursting pressure, the evolution of a mechanism for inserting razor blades into apples, and the transposition of our techno-identities onto an underground neighborhood TV broadcast. For more, see


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