The Digital Public Library of America

The Makings of a National Digital Library

The Digital Public Library of America; a conversation with Emily Gore
Wednesday, January 25, 12:00-1:00 pm
Williams Building, Skybox conference room (fourth floor)

When Google declared its mission to organize the world’s information, it also started to build a comprehensive digital library in Google Books. Many have argued that the task of digitizing the printed record should not be left to a commercial enterprise, but must instead be developed as an open resource. A comprehensive digital library should be, in short, a public library. Now, such an enterprise is taking shape as the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA). According to one of its founders Robert Darnton, “it is a feasible, affordable project as well as an opportunity to realize the Enlightenment ideals on which our country was founded.”

For this meeting of the Digital Scholars reading group, we have the privilege to discuss the inchoate DPLA with someone closely involved with its planning and technical development. Emily Gore, FSU’s Associate Dean of Libraries for Digital Scholarship and Technology Services, has recently served as a convener of one of the DPLA’s “workstreams” and will participate in DPLA’s upcoming meeting about content and coverage. She will speak with us about the DPLA and the array of active questions in its development. What are the stakes of such an enterprise? What shape will the DPLA likely take? What content might it hold and in what forms?

Please join us for a great conversation. Anyone is welcome to attend. In advance, you are recommended to review the DPLA website and the descriptions of its six workstreams. Also useful may be Robert Darnton’s recent update on the DPLA, or his recent video conversation:

  • The Digital Public Library of America
  • Darnton, Robert. “Jefferson’s Taper: A National Digital Library.” The New York Review of Books 24 Nov. 2011. [PDF on Blackboard]
  • Darnton, Robert. “Books, ebooks, Google Books, and the DPLA.”

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