Prosop: Social Networking the Past

Announcing the next meeting of the Digital Scholars group: Thursday, October 13, 1:00-2:00 pm Skybox conference room, Williams building 4th floor

Will Hanley: Social Networking the Past

In spring 2011, the NEH Office of Digital Humanities awarded one of its sought-after digital humanities start-up grants to FSU’s Assistant Professor of History Will Hanley. A regular member of our own discussion group, Professor Hanley will join us to discuss his project “Prosop, A Social Networking Tool for the Past.” Prosop is planned as an open-source, customizable database for historians and genealogists to uncover past networks of social and intellectual influence. Come to learn about this fascinating tool as well as the challenges and opportunities of starting up digital humanities projects.

In preparation for the meeting, Professor Hanley recommends browsing the following resources for background and examples:

  1. — the major commercial family history site, as well as its “volunteer” community wing, the Ancestry World Archives Project
  2. Latter Day Saints family history online and, if interested, their API
  3. Digital Prosopographies from the Department of Digital Humanities, King’s College London:
  4. Indiana Philosophy Ontology (InPhO), another ontology-driven project

Hope to see you there!


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