Text Mining Greek Poetry

For the semester’s final meeting of the Digital Scholars group, we are joining forces with the colloquium in the History of Text Technologies for a fascinating preview of Professor Allen Romano’s research on

Text Mining Ancient Greek Poetry: Prospects and Perspective

Allen Romano, Assistant Professor of Classics
Florida State University

Monday, 11 April 2011
11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Common Room, Williams 013

Description: Digital archives of ancient Greek texts, along with their associated content libraries and lexica, have become an everyday tool of classical scholarship. Will text mining prove a similarly quotidian addition to the toolkit? More to the point, what vision of ancient texts does machine learning offer and how might we best deploy such techniques? In this presentation, I describe text mining experiments to date on Greek literature first by situating this type of work against the more familiar and longstanding procedures of statistical analysis of Greek texts and digital text searching. I then detail some initial results from my study of status and ethnicity in the most canonical of Greek verse, Attic drama and Homeric epic.

Readings: There are three documents. Attendees will be expected to read the first — Professor Romano’s work in progress (PDF on Blackboard). Digital Scholars participants are especially encouraged to survey the other two articles from Digital Humanities Quarterly demonstrating similar ways text mining technologies have been used. At Monday’s colloquium, Professor Romano will offer some background on his project and we’ll then open the floor for feedback and discussion.


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