A Conversation with Shana Kimball

Thursday, March 17, 2011
1:00 – 2:00 pm
Graduate Conference Room 0005B
Scholars Commons
Strozier Library

A Conversation with Shana Kimball: New Ways to Publish, New Ways to Work

For the next meeting of the Digital Scholars group, we have the special privilege of a conversation with Shana Kimball, Head of Publishing Services, Outreach and Strategic Development at the University of Michigan Library, and editor of the Journal of Electronic Publishing. Instead of discussing assigned readings, our conversation will elaborate upon the talk she is giving to the English department the day before: “Digital, Open, Networked & Printed: New Directions for Publishing in the Humanities” (Wednesday, March 16, 3:30 pm, Williams Building 013 aka Common Room). Shana offers the following for thinking about the conversation in advance:

I always welcome the chance to talk with authors and readers of scholarly literature about what contemporary humanities publishing should look like. For this conversation, we will consider questions like: How are the publishing needs of humanities scholars — both those who self-define as digital humanities scholars and those of a more traditional bent — evolving? How does the monograph fit into the whole ecology of publishing needs today? Which emerging forms of scholarship seem the most promising, and worthy of more attention and investment by publishers and scholars? Which less so? Are there models from outside the academy that might be worth adopting for our own? Some of these issues will be raised in my department talk, but it will be nice to have the opportunity to seek the feedback of this digital humanities group.

I’ve also been thinking a great deal these days about the role of the alternative academic career for humanities scholars, especially in the digital humanities and scholarly communication fields. Bethany Nowviskie has dubbed this #alt-ac; see http://nowviskie.org/2010/alt-ac/.

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