Un-Conventional Meetings in the Networked Age

Announcing the next meeting of the Digital Scholars reading and discussion group
Time: Wednesday, December 8, 1:00 pm
Place: Online (details below)
Or, see this two-minute animation of our virtual meeting announcement.

Ah, the holidays. It’s that time of year again: making plans for the break, slogging through airports, and attending giant academic conventions. For the next meeting of the Digital Scholars reading group, we will consider some of the un-conventional opportunities for academic conferencing in the networked age, including video meetings, virtual collaboration, and alternative formats for in-person meetings. In keeping with our theme (and with the end-of-semester dispersion of our participants), we will be meeting online using a simple video conferencing/chat platform.

Our discussion will start from your responses to a pair of blog posts about conventional and unconventional academic meetings:

O’Malley, Mike. “Big Academic Conference—Shoot Me Now.” The Aporetic 22 October 2010. Web. http://theaporetic.com/?p=594

Sample, Mark. “Forget Unconferences, Let’s Think about Underconferences.” samplereality 19 May 2010. Web.

Those wanting in a more in-depth (though a bit drier) report on virtual conferences might be interested in the following (on Blackboard): Thatcher, Andrew. “Building and Maintaining an Online Academic Conference Series.” International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics 36 (2006): 1081–88.

We will then discuss the upcoming “unconference” called THATCamp (The Humanities and Technology Camp) coming to Emory University in March 5-6. This is a unique opportunity for digital humanists (or the digital curious) at FSU to confab with people from universities and libraries around the southeast. Applications for THATCamp SE, as this regional unconference will be called, are open from December 1 – January 9. In addition, the Emory event includes an optional “BootCamp” for anyone wishing for one-day technical training on a variety of digital humanities topics. Scholarships are also available for qualifying candidates. Check out the background on THATCamp and come to our discussion with any questions about how they work and what you might propose.

About THATCamp http://thatcamp.org/about/
THATCamp SouthEast http://southeast2011.thatcamp.org/

For our meeting, we will use a web-hosted video conferencing site called Tinychat. You do not need a Tinychat account to join; you can log in with any major social networking account, or just enter as a guest. Nor is a a webcam required to participate — you can listen in and chat by typing. Those with webcams are welcome to broadcast: we recommend using headphones and the “push to talk” feature to cut down on echoes and audio feedback. (When you get started, you’ll see the options we mean.) Anyone having problems, please email the instructor directly. Our discussion page will be here:


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