21st Century Literacies and Reading/Learning in Public: A Discussion with Richard E. Miller

Friday, February 28, 12:00-1:30 p.m.
Williams Building “Skybox” (fourth-floor conference room)

After N. Katherine Hayles’s call in Poetics Today to consider media-specific analysis (MSA) as a way of extending hypertextual values to print, some devotees of literary study are arguing that the digital has provided a renewed and timely attention to the materiality of “texts” over “works,” in turn provoking new ways of thinking simultaneously about print as a medium and about non-print-based mediums. Since then, the question of what makes a text material has become salient for other questions regarding reading, learning, and the production of knowledge. What constitutes reading in different im/material forms? What constitutes more or less public ways of learning these forms, within and without of the university? How do various ways of reading and learning publically reflect or inform various attitudes toward knowledge production?

Join us for a special discussion with Richard E. Miller of Rutgers University, where we will consider how Miller’s work can problematize the idea of reading in public beyond a mere acceptance or rejection of material forms or digital mediums — beyond merely lauding permanence or change. Miller’s own online experiment in writing (text2cloud) calls for a more “meditative” approach to thinking about institutional change, inviting readers to take up learning controversies in dimensions other than traditional vs. modern. We will take him at his word. This discussion group may be of special interest to students and scholars of book history, text technologies, 21st century literacies, technological consumption, and digital pedagogy, but all are welcome.

Miller’s visit is sponsored by the Literature Program in English, and lunch will be provided. For planning purposes, RSVP to tgraban@fsu.edu.

Participants are invited to read the following in advance of Miller’s visit:

and to browse the following:

NB: For those who cannot attend the discussion, Professor Miller will also be giving a departmental lecture in English on Friday, February 28, from 4:00-6:00 p.m. in Williams 013 (a.k.a., the “Common Room,” basement level). All are welcome.

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